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RubiMed is a medical device manufacturer, specializing in ophthalmic surgical equipment. RubiMed will develop medical devices to assist ophthalmologists during cataract surgery and support surgeons in the execution of cataract removal.

Our parent company is Aalipayam Medical Engineering Co., which is an ophthalmic equipment manufacturer established by a group of ophthalmologists and medical engineers with the purpose of designing and producing ophthalmic equipment in Iran. The company was founded in 1995 in Iran, and has become a reputable manufacturer of medical equipment, serving Iran and Middle East. The company offers a wide range of ophthalmic equipment in the following fields : phaco vitrectomy, topography, imaging, clinical, laser, and echography. With Catavit and Morvarid phaco vitrectomy products, over 60% of ophthalmic requirements are satisfied in the Iranian market.

Cataracts are the leading cause of treatable blindness, affecting 36 million people across the globe. Approximately, 27 million people in North America annually suffer from cataracts. Our team has developed an innovative medical device for cataract surgery, Rubi Phaco Vitrectomy device.


  • To provide quality ophthalmological products and superior customer service through principles, people, and progress
  • To enable hospitals, ophthalmology, and eye surgery clinics to improve the quality of life of patients by providing innovative medical device solutions
  • To develop precise and leading-edge multi-technological engineering solutions to allow professionals and institutions to treat cataract


  • To be a global leader in vision health by designing, advancing, and manufacturing of phaco-posterior vitrectomy devices used for eye treatment
  • To be the leader in the medical device industry by providing ophthalmological products to enhance the quality of life of people around the world
  • To become our customers preferred and reliable provider of medical device design, development, manufacturing, and service solutions

What is Rubi Phaco Vitrectomy?

It is an innovative medical device for cataract surgery, specifically phaco-vitrectomy surgery. It is a new version of the Phaco Anterior-Posterior Vitrectomy machine designed by RubiMed. It is a type of phaco-posterior vitrectomy device used for eye treatment and removing the eye lens or vitreous humor. Rubi Phaco Vitrectomy device uses the phacoemulsification technique for cataract removal. The device uses a combination of electrical, pneumatic, and mechanical parts that the desired signals would be created for actuating the surgery tools for phaco-vitrectomy operation.

Why Rubi Phaco Vitrectomy?

Rubi Phaco Vitrectomy machine offers various distinctive advantages:

  • It can be used both as phaco anterior and phaco posterior, thereby reducing the need for other machines for its users.
  • Both venturi and peristaltic pumps are incorporated in one device
  • Additional internal compressed air source for venturi pumps allows extra mobility

Furthermore, there is no need to use special manufacturing machines, tools, or facilities for this product’s production. The general requirements of production are assembling or electronic tools (e.g., soldering iron, multimeter, oscilloscope), pneumatic measuring devices (e.g., flow meter, pressure gauge, vacuum gauge), and compressor (i.e., source of compressed air). The electronic boards, plastic parts of the enclosure, mechanical elements, and sheet metal components can also be procured.

Competitive Advantages

  • Rubi Phaco-Vitrectomy machine will offer a highly advanced and customisable program. The program will be able to memorise the pre-defined settings for over 100 surgeons, thus minimizing the time adjusting the machine to fit the needs of each individual ophthalmologist in the hospital or clinic.
  • The device has an aspiration system in one cassette that covers all surgery styles. This will allow the surgeon to easily select the most appropriate style based on the patient and the current state of its condition.
  • Its software provides a quick and easy way to learn operating functions as well as a graphic user interface, making the machine easy to navigate. The additional features supporting the ease of use and customisable actions will present a distinctive feature of the RubiMed product, making the Rubi Phaco-Vitrectomy machine a preferred option for ophthalmologists.
  • As this device will be designed and manufactured in Canada, the finished cost would be competitive in comparison with the other international brands being imported to Canada.
  • The general design, electric boards, software, and several mechanical features will be unique patented designs.
  • This device will be versatile in terms of being upgradable to perform posterior segment procedures.


One model of vitrectomy machine (Razi model) has the initiative award from the 10th Kharazmi Festival in Iran.
The previous Phaco-Vitrectomy models (Sina, Catavit and Morvarid) comply with the Phaco Machine Applicable Medical Device standards and have the National Certificate based on the regulations of the National Medical Device Directorate.
The license applies for medical device production issued from Iran by the Ministry of Health, National Medical Device Directorate. The Morvarid model also has the CE certificate according to the European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC.

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Mostafa Iranmanesh

Co Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Nasser Hosseini

Co Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Mahshid Haghi

Co Founder and Product Development Manager

Homa Shafi Abady

Co Founder and Marketing Manager

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